What's to come?

Our plans for the near future


We are currently working on several further DeFi integrations.
Collaboration with multiple platforms will expand the broad usage opportunities of the JSOL token, increasing the passive income its holders gain by providing liquidity as overall trade volume grows.
​Orca is launching a JSOL liquidity pool with their next update.
We expect an LP on Atrix by December 24, 2021.
For January, an integration with Solend will enable JSOL holders to use it as collateral for borrowing cryptocurrency.

Governance token sale

The sale is planned for January 2022 will enable JPool to reinforce the team and develop new features faster, more efficiently, and with a growing impact for all our delegators.
It will also provide all delegators with an opportunity to purchase a stake in the project and share its success in the long term.
JPool's governance token will be used to pay for subscriptions and services of other projects developed by mFactory, which will back the token's value.