How to join JPool Delegation Program

Frequently Asked Questions

To join JPool Delegation Program, you must make sure your validator meets the delegation criteria below. The joining process itself is automatic and requires no manual intervention.

For details on how to bootstrap your validator using SVT, see Connect an existing validator in the SVT documentation.

Criteria for your validator

Your validator will be considered eligible for JPool Delegation Program, if it:

  • has been active for at least 10 epochs

  • has been in Top 300 by average APY for the last 10 epochs (if not, consider reducing commission)

  • is not a member of the Superminority group

  • is not run by an operator of a Superminority validator

  • has its information, including a name, a logo, and a website, published as per the instruction at (for details, see Published Information in the Getting Started section at

  • is not flagged as Suspicious activity with vote accounts by

You can quickly check if your validator meets the delegation criteria using the Analytics feature of our Smart Validator Toolkit (SVT).

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