How to stake

Stake your SOL with JPool in two easy steps

Connect your wallet

Click CONNECT WALLET in the top right corner of the page:

Enter the amount of SOL you want to stake

Make sure the amount entered is lower than the total SOL in your wallet so you can still cover Solana's transaction fee:

Approve the transaction when prompted by your wallet.

Wait for the transaction to complete...

You've done it, you have staked your SOL!

You have received JSOL, the stake pool token that acts as proof of your share in the stake pool.

Now, as you hold JSOL in your wallet, it constantly grows in value: the JSOL/SOL rate increases every Epoch as rewards are accrued on the staked SOL.

The amount of your JSOL stays the same, but the corresponding SOL value increases steadily.

JSOL can also be used as a DeFi instrument on various partner platforms.

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