How to unstake

Withdraw your SOL

Connect your wallet

Click CONNECT WALLET in the top right corner of the page:
Connecting a wallet

Switch to UNSTAKE tab and enter the amount of SOL you want to withdraw

You can just click MAX if you want to withdraw all of your SOL.
There are two options, instant unstake for a fee and delayed, free unstake:
Choosing unstaking option

Choose UNSTAKE NOW if you prefer an instant withdrawal

The UNSTAKE NOW option is available for a fee, as long as the amount you wish to unstake is not higher than the available liquidity in the pool's reserve account:
Liquidity available for instant withdrawal

For a free, delayed withdrawal, select UNSTAKE DELAYED

Afterwards, your SOL will be moved to a standard staking account which is still delegated to one of the pool's validators. You can now see this staking account in JPool's interface:
Click DETAILS to view your staking accounts

Your SOL is still delegated to a validator and still receiving rewards

In order to be able to withdraw your SOL at the end of the current epoch, you need DEACTIVATE the staking account:
The DEPOSIT option delegates your SOL back into JPool
The staking account is now deactivating:
Your staking account is being deactivated

You can withdraw your SOL after current epoch ends

Just click WITHDRAW:
Withdraw SOL from your deactivated staking account
That's all. We hope you never have to use this little guide though!