Community Good scoring

Scoring and formulas used to distribute stake from the Community good bonus pot

Bonus stake for projects contributing to the 'public good'

For operators using their validator’s earnings towards funding a project that benefits the Solana community, JPool offers the advantage of additional stake.

If you think this applies to you, reach out to and tell us about the project, we’ll be glad to review and provide additional stake to eligible validators. The applications are reviewed bi-monthly by an internal committee, on the second and fourth Friday of each month.

Score calculation

The impact of projects can cover one or several of the following tracks:

  • (DEV) Encouraging developers to build on Solana

  • (PROJECTS) Encouraging projects to expand or port to Solana

  • (LIQUIDITY) Bringing additional liquidity (investments or TVL) to Solana

  • (USERS) Attracting new users to Solana

The bonus stake amount is calculated based on the Community Good Score:



Non-commercial project (no paid services)


Free-to-use project (may offer premium services*)


Collects commission or subscription fees


BONUS SCORE: TRACKS (can encompass multiple tracks)










Open source project


Code under free-to-use license


Founder(s) verified via KYC certificate(s)


Large audience (1k+, 10k+ MAU)


Media bonus (significant coverage in T1/2 outlets)


* Core features are free, and it is reasonable to expect that at least 50% of users will use the service for free

The resulting score of 1 to 14 is multiplied by 3000 to determine total bonus stake, i.e. maximum score of 14 means up to 42000 SOL (depending on number of validators sharing this pot and the total SOL in the pot).

Please note: All parameters are subject to review and change; bonus points may be adjusted at the discretion of the reviewing committee.

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